Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday - May 29

First, please forgive the quality of the photo. This is from almost 20 years ago and is in a scrapbook album I made of my completed quilts. The photos are not of the best quality, but they’re all I’ve got! And, yes, that’s my baby girl (now 22!) on the left standing on a chair holding the quilt up so mom can take a photo.

This is a wall hanging I made in the summer of 1995 for the second bathroom in our house when we lived in Houston, TX. I loved…loved…LOVED…that house. I wish I could have picked it up and moved it with us when we moved to TN. But alas, no. But, that bathroom was huge! When you walked in it had a double sink area with a large linen closet, plus wall space. That part must have been about 12x6 feet. Then you walked into the other part of the bathroom with the toilet and tub/shower, and another linen closet. That part was about 8x6 feet. It was my daughter’s bathroom and she loved fish, so we painted it a light aqua and put up a tropical fish wallpaper border around the ceiling. I then made this wall hanging and a matching shower curtain quilt top. I don’t think I quilted the shower curtain…I think it was just the top…maybe I backed it with fabric, but I can’t remember. We left it with the house. I believe I got the pattern for this from a magazine and I know it was way more difficult than I expected it to be. Maybe because it has lots of triangles and triangles and I don’t get along so well! I remember being outside in the evenings chatting with neighbors (we did that kind of thing in Houston…I loved Houston) and looking at the light on in the bathroom window and it just glowed blue! It was such a funny sight!

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