Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Accomplishments

I was able to make some progress on my goals for the month of May. Yay!

First, I finished my Family Tree wall hanging. This was my goal for May for A Lovely Year of Finishes. I’m so glad it’s done, and you can read more about it here and see my link to the May Goal Party here.

For my official May NewFO, I started on the second pillow for our trailer. It’s a McKenna Ryan pattern called “Miss-Bee-Hiving”. I’ve got everything fused and ready to quilt, except for the bees. You can read more about it here and I’ll be linking up with the NewFO Linky Party at Cat Patches here.

Also, I was able to get a quilt loaded on my quilting frame.

This is made from 9 patch blocks (the blue squares are the centers of each 9 patch) that my grandmother made a loooong time ago and my mom gave it to me after my grandmother passed away (20+ years ago). These were really wobbly and wonky, and I was having an awful time trying to figure out how to sash them and put them together. Finally, I decided I just wanted it to be done and usable, so I cut them all down to 14-1/2 inch squares (they ranged from about 14-1/2 to 15-1/2 inches), and just sewed them together without sashing. I put on the pretty blue border, and I have a really wild backing piece from the late 1980s that works great with this top (at least I think so!) I’ve been itching to do some hand quilting, so I think this one will do the trick.

I also participated in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for May. The color of the month is green, and I made 15 small squares and 2 large squares to “build” my house blocks. I was also able to complete one green house block…my Beach House

I also did a little bit of work on several projects in progress, but nothing else was finished. I was able to applique the remaining tails onto the Sawtooth Cats quilt top. I’d like to be able to get the rest of the paper pieced borders done next month, and get the entire top done and ready to quilt.

I completed Step 4 of Celtic Solstice.

I will try to do Step 5 next month, but it will probably be low on my list of goals. Maybe it would be more reasonable to plan on Step 5 for July, but we’ll see.

I made a star mug rug. I’ve never mitered inside corners, so this was a challenge for me. After I made it I searched the internet and found some good instructions, so I think the next one I make will go a bit easier.

I also did some sewing on a reverse applique project I started many years ago. It is this pattern of a dragon from Three Swans Studios.

I’m not very far along on it, but now that I know a bit more than I did when I started it years ago, I have re-marked the section I’m working on and it is working out a bit better. When I get farther along on it I’ll share a photo.

Finally, I started quilting this little Teddy Bear Parade quilt.

It’s from a kit from Keepsake Quilting that I started several years ago. I was able to get all the ditch stitching and wavy line stitching done with the walking foot, but once I started the free motion quilting on the teddy bear sections I started having tension problems with my bobbin thread. I need to get some different yellow thread…I see an Aurofil order in the near future.

There were only a couple of things that I had hoped to work on that I never got to in May…starting a vintage hankies quilt using my grandmothers hankies, and making some more purses and pouches for gifts. I was also going to make a project for the Scrappy Challenge at Patchwork Times, but only made one block. I wasn’t too pleased with my block, so I didn’t get any further with it. Oh well, there’s always next month.

I hope you had a great month of May! June, here we come!


  1. Very cute projects! I'm so glad you joined in this month!

  2. What a busy month! Very nice projects, I'm looking forward to updates in the future.

  3. You've really been busy. Miss Bee-Hiving is adorable.

  4. oh my, you have been very busy and so many lovely projects. I love the McKenna Ryan block and the star mug rug........hats off.....I would never have attempted that. I have made the teddy bear parade quilt many years ago. It was quick and fun to do except for the quilting which I attempted on my old domestic...bad idea!

  5. Lots of fun projects - love that you hand quilt.

  6. You were busy this month! Lots of neat projects.

  7. Your family tree and pillow are stunning! I like that you "fixed" the quilt and made it yours. Someday I will learn to hand quilt! I admire how much work you do!

  8. Lovely projects, hand quilting is the best isn't it ?~!