Friday, April 18, 2014

What I’m Reading & Craftsy Classes

The past couple of months I’ve been ready a variety of books on preserving food from the garden, along with self-sustaining living. I just finished a book on dehydrating food and I think that is what I will focus on this summer when it comes time to harvest the garden. I think that will work well for the squash, carrots and peppers we are growing. I still haven’t figured out if I will try canning this summer. I’ve never canned food, so we’ll see what happens (of course, I’ve never dehydrated food either, but I’ll give it a go!)

Other than that, right now on my Kindle I have a few books that I’m reading. I’m still going through the Anne Perry books again and I’m on Belgrave Square.

I’m also reading a new cozy mystery by Monica Ferris, The Drowning Spool. I’ve read all the others in this series and though I enjoyed the earlier ones better, I will continue to read them as they come out.

I also am trying to get through the first Game of Thrones book by George R. R. Martin. I don’t usually read fantastical type books, but I was kind of curious what all the fuss was about. We watched the first episode of the show via Netflix a couple of weeks ago and weren’t really thrilled by it and decided not to continue with it. But I decided I would try the books and see if I liked them. Still in the early stages on that.

Other than that, I have a few free Kindle downloads that I haven’t started yet. They are mostly cozy mysteries or non-fiction books that piqued my interest. We’ll see when I get around to reading them.

I’m also working my way through the Craftsy class “Art Quilt Backgrounds” with Judith Trager. It’s going OK. I may or may not ever use this technique, but I haven’t gotten to the screen printing lessons yet, so we’ll see how it pans out. So far, there are many other Craftsy classes that I have enjoyed more, but this is going fine.

That’s about it. What are you reading?

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  1. Books: Love everything Anne Perry has written! Liked the first 2-3 Game of Thrones books, but sort of heavy going after a while. I'm reading C. S. Harris' St. Cyr series, sort of in the same time period as the Pitts and Monk. Dehydrating and canning: Advantages to each one. Canning is easy - follow the latest Ball Blue Book and you really can't go wrong, if you have good equipment. Dehydrating there are several methods, so pick the one you think you can control the outcome the best. =) I look forward to seeing what you do in the Craftsy class, and your final feelings about it.