Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April NewFO

My intention for the April NewFO was to make the other pillow from McKenna Ryan’s Out & About patterns. However, I started following along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014, and decided to go ahead and start putting the fabric I was making for the Challenge into blocks for a quilt. So, starting this new quilt is my NewFo for April.

These are all “made” fabrics using scraps of similar color and sewing them together until they are big enough to create the size I need. I’m making some blocks 6 ½ inches (unfinished) and the others 3 ½ inches (unfinished). The larger “made” blocks will then become the houses in the blocks of the quilt, and the smaller ones will become smaller house blocks that I’ll put in the borders.

I decided to put one together to see how it would work, so I used a bunch of Halloween scraps to make a haunted house for the quilt.

I’m not using a pattern, but making it up as I go along, so I don’t really know how it will turn out in the end. But, I think the basic block for the haunted house turned out fine. I still need to trim it down in size a bit; I want it to be 14 by 16 inches finished. But so far it looks OK with its stormy-looking sky and dead-grass yard. I will also add a front door and windows, along with some applique items on each block. I’ll probably add a gnarled tree and a black cat to this block; maybe even a ghost somewhere! Also, I might add a moon in the sky and a jack-o-lantern at the front door. I plan on adding items to each house block to give them a bit of individuality.

So, that’s as far as I got on the house block quilt. Head on over to Cat Patches to see other NewFOs.


  1. What a cute project! Thanks for linking up with your new stuff.

  2. This is great! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

  3. Great project! Such a fun way to use up scraps of fabric. Will need to remember this.

  4. You got me with the "Dead Grass Look". That's seriously funny. Thanks for stopping by LyndaLand and leaving me a comment. So sweet of you.

  5. Your "made" fabric is so cute. The blocks are oh so colorful and pretty.

  6. I'm with Lynda - I cracked up at "dead grass look"! (It kinda looks like my lawn!) I like your RSC block idea.