Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Progress

I set several “sewing room” goals for myself for the month of March. Now that it’s almost the middle of the month, let’s check on my progress…

Goal # 1 - for March for A Lovely Year of Finishes, I want to finish up the blocks for the Spring Bouquet Block of the Month.
So far I have 4 of the nine blocks completed. I should complete the fifth one today. I do very little in the sewing room on the weekends, and I will probably be out running a few errands tomorrow, so I may only get through five blocks before next week starts. Still, that’s over halfway by the middle of the month. If I work hard at it, maybe I’ll get them all done next week. So, I’m progressing nicely on this one.

Goal #2 - make a potholder for the March Scrappy Challenge over at Patchwork Times.
Done! Except I didn’t make a potholder…I made a hot pad for my dining room table. I needed at least the eight blocks I made to make much of a pattern design. The more I see it, the more I like how it turned out. I don’t usually do super scrappy stuff, but I think I could make a large quilt using this block…even without a “theme” or color scheme. I like the scrappy-ness of it. I’ll show more of this when I link up at Patchwork Times at the end of the month.

Goal #3 - for my NewFO over at Cat Patches I want to make some more mug rugs.
Well, sorta, but not quite. I did get started on a NewFO, but I decided to do something other than the mug rugs. I started on a block from a McKenna Ryan pattern that I've had sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. The block is “Dinner for Two” and it’s from the quilt pattern “Out & About”. So far I have all the applique pieces fused to the background. I will be making this into a pillow for our RV.

Goal #4 - I also want to finish this embroidery project.
Done! It’s framed and sitting on my mantle.

Goal #5 - I would like to complete the top (and possibly quilt) the Family Tree wall hanging.
I haven’t done a thing on this. However, this morning I figured out how I’m going to do the borders, so I may get to work on this sometime today.

Goal #6 - I also would like to complete another step in the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.
Done! I was able to finish Step 3 yesterday afternoon. I was a bit overzealous and sewed too many half-square-triangle squares into pairs for pinwheels, so I did a bit of ripping of stitches. But I got it done!

Goal #7 - Finally, we just got a new computer, so my personal goal for this month is to learn Windows 8…Yikes!
This was my personal goal for the month. And really, it was no big deal. I’m fine with Windows 8. I heard so many bad things about it, and other than our email works differently and I now go to our ISP website to get my mail, it was not the problem I had feared. It will work out fine for us.

So, I’m doing OK as far as my goals for this month. This weekend will be devoted to the garden and picking out tile, cabinets, fixtures, etc. for the bathroom re-do. It’s a tiny bathroom, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully we can get started on it soon (and be done with it soon!). Our goal is to have everything here at the house to install before we begin ripping anything out. We always seem to run into something else when we renovate…problems tend to pop up unexpectedly and we have to fix those things before moving on in the project. I think with such a small space there can’t be too many things that can go wrong, right?!

Next weekend is the Pigeon Forge Mountain Quilt Fest! Can’t wait! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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