Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Complaint Department

My sewing machine light bulb went out yesterday afternoon. After 16 years it went kaput. I didn’t realize how much I take that little bit of light for granted. Bummer. I went out to find a new one this morning but they didn’t have them in stock at my sewing machine store or at their store on the other side of town. I’m waiting to hear if the Sevierville store has them and can hold one for me at their booth for Friday when I go to the Mountain Quilt Fest. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m on the last block for Spring Bouquet and I’ll have to rig up my gooseneck LED light to sew until I get a new bulb.

I was also going to get some more gardening items today to get our vegetable garden going. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to get below freezing AGAIN for a couple of nights next week. I will have to postpone putting seedlings in the ground until after that. In the meantime, I did put some bean seeds into pots to sprout…I would have rather sown them in the ground, but I’m being impatient. I also picked up some diatomaceous earth for slugs in the garden (they nearly ate all the leaves in the garden the first couple of weeks last year), and some pansies to plant out front around the new patio. I’ll probably get to that tomorrow. In the meantime I will take the seedlings back outside from the sunroom to the patio until the cold sets in AGAIN next week. Then I’lll have to bring them back inside.

Really, all in all, I have absolutely nothing to complain about, but I’m so ready for spring!

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