Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Be Prepared – Part 6

The last several weeks have helped me get my family better prepared for an emergency in our home. With the winter weather we’ve had, plus utility work on my street – cutting water and sewer several times – I’m glad I’ve focused more on stocking up on water and supplies for emergencies.

I feel pretty confident that we can handle a week without needing to get to the store. We have plenty of water and I keep the pantry better stocked now. We also have wood for a fire for warmth (and cooking if needed), plus plenty of extra bedding in case the heat/power goes out. 

It will be an ongoing process, and I just need to be more mindful this year to keep items on hand and plenty of food in the pantry. I think if I can continue it through this year, it will be more of a habit for me and I can always be better prepared for whatever happens.

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