Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting Ready

I’m getting ready for the snow storm that is supposed to hit us today. I have to run to the dermatologist this morning, but I should be home by noon before the worst of the storm hits. I’ll then get to spend the rest of the day sewing!

I have lots of hand piecing to do on my Sawtooth Cats blocks. Yesterday I did all the machine piecing that I could on nine of the blocks. Today I’ll stitch the cat bodies to the background pieces, then I can piece the body/background to the head/legs pieces. I’ll have ten more blocks to go after that. I’m hoping I can get it done for the February 2014 A Lovely Year of Finishes.

I also finished the snowmen blocks for the Scrappy Challenge 2014 for February. I’m putting them in 2 by 2 blocks to make three wall hangings. That will be three Christmas gifts done! I may even keep one for myself, we’ll see. I still need to cut the sashing and border pieces. I will use red for both, then dark blue cornerstones. Here are the finished blocks (please pardon the grainy photo…bad camera today):

I hope everyone stays warm and safe today!

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