Friday, February 28, 2014

February NewFOs

My “official” NewFO for February is a family tree wall hanging for my husband’s side of the family. It’s a kit I’ve had for over six years (I have two kits, actually) and never even opened it. I was going to do one for my mom and one for me, but right after I got them my mother became ill and passed away and I just couldn’t do it. But, now is the time. So, one for hubby’s family and one for mine. This is the tree part:

The green blurs are covered birth dates.

And this is the tree plus the other fabrics I will use in it:

I wrote all the names on the nameplates and fused them to the tree. The backing fabric is on the left top, the border fabric is the stripe on the bottom left, and the binding fabric is on the bottom right. Writing and fusing the names is as far as I got this month. I really want to get it done in the next couple of months. I’ve taken everything off the walls in the hallway and plan to repaint in there as soon as it warms up, and I’d like to hang this one up when it’s repainted. We’ll see if I can get it done this spring.

Yesterday I also started a quickie project. I cut and pieced some mug rugs. I also sat down and sketched out some more mug rugs for various holidays. Here are the ones I pieced yesterday:

I will trim up the batting and try to get these quilted and bound today or this weekend. It shouldn’t take very long at all. It took me about 10 minutes to cut and piece them.

I’ll be linking up at Cat Patches…stop by and check out all the NewFOs for February.


  1. Hi!!!! This will be a wonderful keepsake for both families!!!!!

  2. My daughter found one of these 'tree' panels in a yard sale and made the most wonderful wallhanging to start 'her family' heritage tree .

  3. The family tree is fantastic. It will be much appreciated I'm sure. The mug rug fabric is really nice...they're going to be great.

  4. Writing & fusing all those names seems like a lot to me! Great start. The mug rugs are cute!

  5. Fun NewFO. Just getting all the names one there is quite a bit of work!

  6. The family trees will be such fun for both families. What a great project. Enjoy finishing this one.

  7. Pretty family tree kit. I'm sorry about losing your mother when you'd originally planned to work them up. I'm the same way - I can't touch something tied to a deep loss for several years, but then I find it cathartic and poignanty enjoyable to pull it out and work on it. I hope working on this lets you smile about memories of your mother once in a while. :)

  8. the family tree looks like a very the project.