Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Finishes

I completed my goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes for December. Yay! (I was #2 at the Goal Setting Party.) I only had to trim and bind my snowmen wall hanging, but it’s been sitting around for quite a while and I knew I needed to get it done. So, I spent the first couple of days this month working on it, and I got it done early!

I’m pretty pleased with it. You can read more about the process in this post that I wrote early in December. I’m glad it’s done and it’s now hanging up the living room. My hubby even likes it…that’s a big bonus!

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I also worked on a Sampling of Santas…

This was my NewFO for November at Cat Patches, and I was able to get the fusible applique onto the center block.

And I made this little Christmas gift bag…

For the last NewFO Challenge for December, I started working on a flannel quilt. I wrote a little bit about it in this post, but I started with this stack of flannels…

I cut the flannels into 6-1/2 inch squares and 2-1/2 inch strips, then sewed them into the following blocks…

I hope to get more blocks done and get this quilt put together and quilted before the spring so it can go in the trailer when we go camping.

I also worked on some hexie flowers for the 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I just had a few more blue flowers cut out, so I stitched them together and now I have ten light blue flowers…

I will continue to work on the hexies in 2015.

Also, I’ve been participating in Bonnie Hunter’s 2014 mystery quilt, Grand Illusion. I’m just cutting and sewing as much as my time allows and I’ve been able to do a little bit of each step. I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled with the color choices, but they are working out great. I felt that way about the Easy Street mystery too, but it is actually one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on. I’m looking forward to starting to put the blocks together.

I was also able to finish a baby quilt, as in completely quilted and bound…

I really like the green in this quilt. I had no reason other than wanting to practice quilting when I put this quilt together, but it just so happens that we know someone who is having a baby next month, so this may very well go to good use. This is the first quilt I quilted on my new long arm. I’m not very good at quilting circles/pebbles, but I gave it a good try. At least the thread matches the fabric so you only see the texture…the mistakes are less noticeable! Just don’t look on the back! Here is some of the quilting…

I was also able to get some organizing done in the sewing room and make a dent in my backing and scrapping pile, aka Mt. Scrappy. Here is the before photo…

And here is the “now” photo…

It doesn’t look a lot different, but believe me, it’s gone down in size – and it’s neater! I have been cutting the pieces into 2-1/2 inch strips, 2-1/2 inch squares, 2-1/2 inch HSTs, 1-1/2 inch squares, 3-1/2 inch hexagons, and pieces for my ¾ inch hexagons for flowers. Whatever is left over is going in a tote for a while, so hopefully I can have an empty counter top soon.

And the last thing I made this month is this pillow case

I made this the weekend before Christmas when I realized I hadn’t made ANYTHING for my husband or daughter for Christmas this year. I saw the tutorial and then looked at the ice skate flannel sitting on my shelf and knew I had to make it for my daughter. It took about 20 minutes of total working time. Easy peasy, and she really likes it! Bonus!

That’s about it for 2014. I have been making plans for 2015, so I’ll get them posted in the next couple of days. I’m looking forward to all sorts of fun next year.

I will be linking up with the December ALYOF at Fiber of All Sorts and Sew BitterSweet Designs; and the December NewFO at Cat Patches. I will also be linking up with the Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts. Check out all the wonderful projects from December.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Final Monday of 2014

And my Design Wall looks the same.

I haven’t done any work on my flannel quilt this week, so still just 12 blocks. I hope to get some more blocks done before next Monday. Maybe I can get 10-12 more made by then.

About the only thing I did in the sewing room this past week was work on Grand Illusion. Friday I was able to complete Part 5.

It’s the only step I’ve completed so far. I have SOME units done for each step, so I will be working on finishing those steps so I’ll be able to put together some blocks when the time comes. Yesterday I went back to Step 1 and worked on more of those units. I think I can get some time in today to possibly finish Step 1. Then I would like to work on finishing Step 2 tomorrow. I only got a few of those units completed, so if I can get more of those done, I think I’ll have enough of all of the units done to start putting together some blocks. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to get all of Steps 1 through 5 done and ready to go.

I will be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Walls, and Bonnie at Quiltville for the Mystery Monday Link-Up for Grand Illusion. Head on over to see all the wonderful projects. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stash Report Week 52 of 2014

Christmas kind of busted my stash numbers. I’m not complaining, mind you, but here is what 10.75 yards of fat quarters looks like…

I got all this fabric for Christmas from my daughter and mother-in-law. Now I have some more choices for sewing in 2015!

I also bought 3 yards of fabric for a Block of the Month project for 2015.

I only used up a bit of yardage this week (about ½ yard) making a couple of covers for some small kitchen appliances. So that’s it for 2014 stash busting. I’m ready to start over in 2015 at zero. I’m hoping for lots of fabric going out!

This coming week I am hoping to get more work done on the Grand Illusion mystery quilt. I have started on each step, but need to piece the remaining units of Parts 1-4 (I finished Part 5, cuz it was quick and easy!). Putting the blocks together and the big reveal are coming soon, so I want to be ready!

Used year to date:    55.0 yards
Used this week:         0.5 yards
Added year to date:  82.75 yards
Added this week:       13.75 yards
Total net used 2014: 41.00 yards
(green means I’ve bought more than I’ve used)

I’ll be linking up with the Stash Report over at Patchwork Times. Head on over to see how everyone is using up their stash.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Grand Illusion Part 4

Saturday evening I was able to sit down and sew on Part 4 of Grand Illusion. I only got eight of each unit done, but I’m hoping once Christmas is past I’ll be able to spend more time on it. I am doing a pretty good job so far of making at least of few from each mystery clue. I hope I’ll have enough of each to put together a few blocks when the time comes. We’ll see what happens.

I was able to spend a bit of time Saturday in the sewing room and I looked at the pillowcase tutorial that Bonnie Hunter posted on her Facebook page. It’s from Notes From the Patch and you can see the tutorial right here. Then I noticed some ice skate patterned flannel I had sitting on my shelf and…ta da!

I made a pillowcase (shh…it’s a gift). And that is not a furry grey snake on the pillowcase. Here’s the interloper…

She thinks it turned out just fine. And so do I. This was such a fast project, I plan on making many more once the holidays are over. I had to read through the instructions a few times…I was actually not paying close attention the first couple of times J …but I finally figured out how to lay out the fabrics and what to sew to what. I did not do the finished/French seams as shown in the tutorial. As I said, I was using flannel, and I didn’t want super bulky seams, so I just stitched it normally with right sides together. It turned out fine. I think if I can pull my serger out I would like to try that on it, particularly when making flannel pillowcases. Then I won’t have to worry much about bulky finished seams.

Also, I was able to put some blocks together from some flannels I have…so here is my design wall…

You can read more about this project in this post.

Other than a little bit of crochet, I didn’t get anything else done this weekend. And I probably won’t do much in the sewing room this week either. But, I’ll be waiting patiently for Part 5 of Grand Illusion!

I will be linking up at the Mystery Monday Link-Up at Quiltville and Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times…and I wish you all a very happy holiday and Merry Christmas! See you later in the week!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stash Report Week 51 of 2014

First off, I have to say Happy 23rd Birthday to my baby girl!

Now, for the Stash Report…

I ran over to Joann’s earlier this week, so you know what that means…yup, I picked up a little fabric. But, I also picked up some scrapbooking containers so I could organize my current quilting projects. You can see what I did with them in this post from earlier this week.

Anyway, yes, I picked up some fat quarters for the calendar block of the month quilt I am making in 2015, and I also picked up a yard of Kona Snow for the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I want to be ready when Angela posts the color for January and I’ll use the white in the sampler blocks she posts.

All in all, I guess I haven’t done too badly in the in/out department with my stash. I used up 55 yards of fabric this year. I doubt I’ll get anymore out before next week’s Stash Report, but who knows. It’s been pretty interesting keeping such close tabs on my fabric’s comings and goings. J I know it’s made me much more aware of what I’m bringing into the house, and hopefully I’ll exhibit much better control in 2015!

This coming week will probably not involve much sewing time. The hubby and daughter will both be around the house all week, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be working on anything that will be completed. We’ll see. I may still have something to report on next week’s Stash Report because I usually get some fat quarters as Christmas gifts from my family. That’s always fun (and I’ve given my hubby SPECIFIC instructions on colors and patterns if he – or my MIL – give me any). We’ll just have to wait and see on that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and for those who celebrate Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Used year to date:    55.0 yards
Used this week:         0 yards
Added year to date:  80.50 yards
Added this week:       2.25 yards
Total net used 2014: 27.75 yards
(green means I’ve bought more than I’ve used)

I’ll be linking up with the Stash Report over at Patchwork Times. Head on over to see how everyone is using up their stash.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas…

…and all through the house…it’s so quiet for a Saturday! I’m home alone today (for the most part) so I get to play all day. Hubby and daughter are at ice show rehearsal and then they have two ice skating shows this afternoon and evening. They may pop in once or twice for a meal, otherwise it’s just the beasts and me on this Saturday before Christmas. I’m not going to the show…bad me…but it’s the way it’s been for years. Hubby is doing the same number with all the little bitty skaters that he’s done for years (he plays the Grinch) and daughter is coaching this year. Here they are the first year they did the holiday ice show (2006)...

So, they really don’t care if I am there or not. And believe me, I have spent MANY hours/days/years down at the ice rink and have seen MANY ice skating shows…enough to last a lifetime. So here I sit in the quiet of the lights of the Christmas tree...nice…

I was pretty productive this week in the sewing room. I was able to sort through (and straighten up) Mt. Scrappy…

Doesn’t it look nice? Here is how it started…

I have pulled a stack of fabrics out to work on totes and bags in 2015, plus I pulled out the small pieces to scrap up. Here they are…the pile in front on the right is for totes/bags and the one in front on the left are the small pieces that were in the pile…

Still a long way to go with Mt. Scrappy, but at least it’s a lot neater. J

I also picked up some storage containers to corral my projects that had taken over my sewing room tables (I have two sitting at right angles, plus a card table behind my sewing machine). You can read about it in this post from earlier this week, but suffice it to say, they are labeled and up and out of the way until I need them!

I was also able to get some blocks done for my December NewFO project. This is the final NewFO over at Cat Patches. I’m a little sad to see it go away, but I really don’t need to start more new projects! Anyway, I have a stack of flannels that I bought at our quilt guild garage sale this past summer, and so this week I started putting them together into very simple blocks…

These are in no particular order…I’ll move them around before I start putting them together. The block takes about ten minutes to piece, so I can whip out quite a few in a short time sewing. That’s been nice! I have many more to go, but I think this will be a quick project. I hope to have it done and ready to go into the trailer before we start our camping season this spring.

I also started organizing things for the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge at So Scrappy. I’ve had a lot of 2-1/2 inch strips cut and tossed into a box, and I plan on using those in a project for the 2015 RSC. I sorted them out by color and now I have some strips to get me started…

I’ve also been tracing and cutting out hexagons for my hexie flower project (yes, I trace onto freezer paper and cut them out myself, rather than buying the pre-made – because I have SO MUCH freezer paper!) so those will be ready to go for the 2015 RSC as well.

Finally, Friday I was able to pick up some parts for my long arm at the local quilt shop. The machine I bought was the floor demo and it didn’t have the laser light attached in the store, so they needed to order me one. It also was missing the presser foot lever (for whatever reason, they never put it on), so they needed to order that as well. They moved their store location over Thanksgiving weekend, so they have been busy and the order was just received this week. So, my machine is now complete.

Today I will probably work on Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion mystery quilt, as well as cutting more paper hexies. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, so we’ll be celebrating that. I think that’s all I will worry about this weekend! Next week will probably see limited time in the sewing room, so I will just plan on family time and maybe some hand stitching while watching holiday movies. I think a break from the rotary cutter will do my hands good!

I will be linking up at So Scrappy for the RSC 2014 Link-up Party. Head over there to see all the lovely projects people have made this year from their scraps/stash, and what projects they plan to work on in 2015.

I wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Already

Monday seemed to fly by. I guess I was busy all day.

I started by making crock pot chili beans at about 7:30 in the morning. I knew it would be a cold-ish day, so I thought we could have it for lunch. Turned out yummy! Then I headed off to Joann’s and the grocery store. I picked up some plastic containers at Joann’s…you’ll see those in a little bit…and I filled up the larder from Kroger (not my favorite chore).

Then I spent time cleaning up the sewing room in anticipation of the “Big Wrap”. Every year my sewing table becomes the official Christmas wrapping station, so I had to clear it off and get myself a bit organized in the sewing room. I’ve been living with a half a dozen or so sewing projects on my sewing table(s), so I grabbed some containers and sorted things out. Now they are off the table and up on the shelf…

These are actually scrapbooking boxes, but they are big enough to hold the 12x12 inch scrapbook paper and they are perfect for holding the sewing projects I am working on (I just wish there weren’t so many!) Plus they stack nicely, I can label them, and I can see what’s in them easily. An additional plus is that they were 40% off!  I already had several empty ones, but I knew I would need a few more. Now, I’m all ready to grab and go with whatever project I want to work on. And that is just a small selection of the Works In Progress/UnFinished Objects/Things I’m Working On you can see in the photos above…you should see the closet and other shelves! But, it is sorted and out of the way for a week or so, but still accessible if I want to work on something. And, I even had some help Monday…

I think she approves (or she’s bored and she fell asleep!)

Once I got that done, it was (a late) lunchtime. After the chili, I realized that if I was going to make (meatless) meatballs for dinner, I needed to get started on them, because they have to chill for a couple of hours in the fridge before cooking. So…I started in on the meatballs. Fortunately, I had cooked the lentils the day before and the quinoa was from a couple of nights earlier, so that cut about a half hour off my time. So I finally got them done (along with some other household chores) by about 3 pm and was able to head down to the sewing room again.

By then the cleaned off sewing table was calling to me, so I decided to get all of my Christmas wrapping done…and I did! I think I’m ready for next week! After wrapping gifts, it was time to get dinner going…and I must say that the quinoa (meatless) meatballs turned out quite yummy.

Today is a bit foggy…

…but I don’t have anywhere to go, so I’ll just stay inside where it’s much more pleasant. I have scads of things to do around the house, including finishing laundry started yesterday (blankets/sheets…they take forever!). I also have some “administrative” paper work-y things and planning things to do today. We’ll see if I make it to the sewing room. If I do I will start on my NewFO project for December (from Cat Patches). I was going to start a signature swap blocks wall hanging from an online quilting group, but unfortunately the woman who is sorting/mailing out the blocks is caught in the horrible flooding out West, so that will probably be put on hold until January. My thoughts are with her and I hope she gets things cleared out quickly. So, instead I will start on a flannel quilt I’ve been wanting to work on…

This is about a foot tall stack of flannels. These are part of a box of flannels I bought at our quilt guild garage sale last summer. I spent $10 on the box and it ended up being less than 50 cents a yard for some great flannels. I’ve used some of the flannels in making some infinity scarves, and I also made a pair of pajama pants. I’m going to make a very simple quilt for our trailer. As you can see from the photo below, these have some cute camping patterns on them…

We’ll see where things take me today. Tomorrow is another visit to the vet for my poor old pooch. She’s suffers terribly from arthritis but the medication she was put on a couple of weeks ago has done a remarkable job of making her feel much better and perkier. We’ll see how much longer this can help. She’ll be 13 in March, and she’s a very big dog, so we know it’s a matter of weeks or months for her. We’re just trying to make sure she’s comfortable and can get around OK. Here she is on the day we adopted her from the humane society…

Such a sweet girl!

The rest of the week will be busy with life, including ice show rehearsals, the holiday ice show, birthday celebration for my baby girl, and then Christmas next week. I hope you have a great week and can get some sewing done!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand Illusion Part 3

This weekend I spent a little time working on Part 3. I got 25 units done…yay!

I was having some problems with them at first – I don’t do well with strip sets – so I ended up just making them out of two 4-patch units. Looks the same to me! And I didn’t have to pull out my hair!

I’ll be linking up at the Mystery Monday Link-Up at Quiltville. Stop by and see all the lovely versions of Grand Illusion.

I will also be linking up at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday, though as you can see above, my design wall hasn’t changed since last week. I’m really hoping something magical will happen with the blocks and I’ll be done with them. J I guess if I look at them long enough I’ll get some inspiration…or I’ll get tired of them and take them down.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stash Report Week 50 of 2014

This week I was able to use a little fabric and I picked up some fabric at the local quilt shop.

But first, I made this little bag…

It turned out pretty cute, and I can use it to wrap a Christmas gift. That used up about a quarter of a yard of fabric, maybe a little more. I think I will try to get a couple of larger bags made this week.

I also finished stitching down the binding of this baby quilt…

So that’s a few more yards out of the stash.

I had to run over to the local quilt shop to get some parts ordered for my longarm and to pick up a presser foot for it. While I was there I figured I might as well pick up some fabric for a project I’m starting in January. After all, I might as well add it to this year’s numbers rather than get in the hole early in 2015! J

As for the upcoming week, I probably won’t do much in the line of sewing/quilting. I will probably just work on the Grand Illusion mystery quilt and probably the gift bags. Otherwise, I’ll just do bits and pieces of things around the sewing room, and I’ll continue to climb Mt. Scrappy…

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Used year to date:    51.25 yards
Used this week:         3.75 yards
Added year to date:  77.50 yards
Added this week:       3.0 yards
Total net used 2014: 25.50 yards
(green means I’ve bought more than I’ve used)

I’ll be linking up with the Stash Report over at Patchwork Times. Head on over to see how everyone is using up their stash.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blues

Hey, it’s 12-13-14! I guess that won’t happen again for a while ;) 

I finally got all ten of my hexie flowers finished this week…

I will continue to work on these during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2015. I’m pretty sure I’ll need A LOT of these, so I hope to get at least a few more in each color done next year. The working title of this quilt is “Garden Pathways” and I have a grey cobblestone fabric to surround the flowers, rather than a green as in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I also have some hexies that my grandmother sewed into diamond shapes that I want to incorporate onto the backing. They are done with a green surround, but I think they will work just fine. I will probably applique them to the backing. They have been sitting in the bottom of a drawer in my sewing room for more years than I care to count, so I think this would be a good project to put them to use. I hope to make good progress on this in 2015. I have several dozen flowers done…only a bazillion more to go!

I also pulled out my completed house blocks from this year’s RSC, along with the squares I will build into house blocks…

I think I have way too many large squares…actually the house blocks just turned out huge…so I don’t think I have to put too many more into the large house blocks. I think I will probably need to cut down the large squares so I can make more of the smaller border house blocks. This is another project to work on along with RSC 2015. I would really like to get this into a quilt top by next December.

I will be linking up at the RSC December party at SoScrappy with Angela. Head on over to see the lovely projects.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, Monday

It’s another Monday. I’m not feeling at all well today, but hopefully I’ll perk back up tomorrow. I also hope to complete a baby quilt this week, but that is probably all I’ll finish up this week. But, before that, let’s look back at what was accomplished over the weekend…

I pulled out my house blocks and the squares to build more houses. Here are the house blocks so far…

And here are the squares I have to build into more house blocks…

I really hope to get these blocks completed and put into a quilt top by the end of 2015. I don’t need all of the large squares that I made…unless I want a humongous quilt top. So I’ll work on them and stop when I have enough houses. However, I may need to make more of the smaller squares for the border houses. I can cut up the larger squares to make the smaller ones, so this may all work out fine.

I also spent a little time working on Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion mystery over the weekend. I finished putting together a few (I think there are 12 here) units from Part 1…

And I started on Part 2; I have six completed double diamond units…

Plenty more to do, but I’m going at this mystery slow and steady.

Finally, I spent part of Sunday scrapping up some fabric. You can see that here. I really hope to do some scrapping every day this week and make a dent in my fabric pile by the coming weekend.

I’ll be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday and with the Grand Illusion Mystery Monday Link Up at Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville. Head over to see the wonderful projects everyone is working on. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stash Report Week 49 of 2014

I didn’t have any fabric come in this week, but I actually used up some fabric! Woo hoo! I completed this wall hanging

…and I loaded up some fabric onto the longarm for practice.

This coming week, I hope to finish stitching down the binding on a small quilt, then I can count more fabric out next week…Yay! I also plan on going through my house block squares for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to see where I stand with those. Then I’m going to play it by ear and see when I have time to get to the sewing room and what I feel like working on when I get there!

Also, I want to make a dent in Mt. Scrappy…

This pile of fabric is my “backing and scrapping” fabric, and it’s a little over three feet wide and about two feet tall. I really would rather have that countertop available than have it storing my fabric! Much of this fabric is from the 1980s and 1990s…and some a bit newer as well. I cleared this fabric out of my “every day” stash of fabric last summer so I didn’t have to sort through all of this as well as the fabric that I wanted to use whenever I needed to find something. So, I’ve been using this fabric to piece backs on some quilts, I’ve used it for longarm quilting practice, and I cut it into scraps whenever the need arises. I think I will cut some 2-1/2” strips off these pieces, save a piece of each (or most) fabrics for my hexies projects, and cut some 1-1/2” and 2-1/2” squares and 2-1/2” HSTs. Whatever is left I will stick in a tote to store it OFF my counter. Maybe by the end of the month I can make a nice dent in the pile. Depending on my mood, I may take what is in the tote to our quilt guild garage sale next summer.

Used year to date:    46.25 yards
Used this week:         5 yards
Added year to date:  77.50 yards
Added this week:       0.0 yards
Total net used 2014: 26.25 yards
(green means I’ve bought more than I’ve used)

I’ll be linking up with the Stash Report over at Patchwork Times. Head on over to see how everyone is using up their stash.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge – December 6

This month for the RSC, I am trying to finish up my light blue hexies from November and I would like to go through my squares for the house blocks and figure out where I am on those. I got two more hexies stitched together this week, so I have 9 done…one more is cut out and ready to stitch together. Maybe I’ll put in a holiday movie and stitch it together this weekend.

I will be linking up with Angela at So Scrappy for the December RSC here. Head over to see all the wonderful projects.

This has been a busy week, but I was able to get the binding stitched down on my snowmen wall hanging and hang it up in time for Christmas, and I was able to sew the binding onto a baby quilt. I just need to hand stitch the binding down on that and it’s done (I’ll put it next in line after the hexies when I’m watching that holiday movie!) I also did some work on the Grand Illusion mystery quilt at Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog. I’m just doing a little bit of each step right now, but I like the colors more than I thought I would! I will be posting about that and linking up to her linky party on Monday.

That’s about it from here. I hope you all had a great week and are ready for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I started off Monday morning with a cup of coffee (yes, I take a little coffee in my creamer!) and stitching down the binding on my snowmen wall hanging. Of course, my faithful companion was with me…

Yes, those are quilts she’s laying on. They are worn and torn and I will use them until they crumble apart…even if it’s as a dog bed. Plus my sweet girl is pretty old (almost 13) and it keeps her old bones cushioned and warm on the cold hard floor of my sewing room.

Anyway, this snowmen wall hanging is my December goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes and I’m excited to say that I finished it this morning with a cup of tea!

That’s my snowball label for the back. I kind of cheated and just brought the fabric from the back around to the front for the binding. I don’t usually do that on quilts, but I will do it on wall hangings that don’t get laundered. I really like the back of this wall hanging, with the red background and gold stars bursting…

And here is the final product hanging in the living room…

I am so glad this is done. I started it back in the spring and the top just sat around for months. It’s good to check it off the list. I will be able to link up with the ALYOF Finishes Party at the end of December.

In between the stitching yesterday, I was able to get some English muffins made…

and I did the various and sundry things around the house that always need to be done. I also got my daughter off on a business trip Monday evening, so I’ll have the house to myself this week (she works from home).

Before I was able to sit down and finish up the label for my wall hanging, I got the laundry going, did the dishes, exercised, and baked a cake for the quilt guild meeting this evening. Tonight is the Christmas dinner and UFO swap. I don’t have a UFO I want to give away, so I’m wrapping up some coordinated fabric to swap. I’m excited to see what I come home with!

Before I sat down here, I was able to load some more fabric onto the long arm…

This fabric was on the free table at our guild meeting several months ago and it looks perfect for practicing on the long arm. I don’t have another small quilt ready to put on it yet, so this will keep me busy until I’ve finished another project.

It’s a dreary and rainy day here, so I’m glad I have nowhere to go during the day today. The rest of the week will be filled with errands though. I’m off to get some lunch, then I may try to work some more on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery Grand Illusion in between my other afternoon household tasks. Then I’ll have to get presentable to leave the house!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day! Only 23 days until Christmas! Are you ready?