Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday's Happenings

I have one more Christmas gift to finish. I’ve been working on a quilt for my daughter and I have it trimmed and ready to bind.  Usually I attach a separate binding on quilts, but for this one I’m folding the backing over to the front and I’ll machine stitch it down. I’m hoping to get that done today while she is out visiting a friend in Atlanta. Once she gets back home tonight, I don’t think she’ll be gone much between now and Christmas, so it’s now or never!

I think today I’ll also work on what I want to accomplish next year quilt-wise. I have lots of UFOs to finish and I’d like to also start some projects. I think the new projects need to be limited to no more than about six. Then maybe I can complete six of my UFOs and I won’t be any farther behind J. I completed six quilts this year, between finishing UFOs and starting new quilts, so it’s doable.

I was able to get my calendar for next year set up, so maybe once I finish this quilt I’ll work on more organization for next year. I really need to make a dent in my genealogy research, as well as ALL the crafty and quilty projects I have in progress and in the planning stages. I need to get it all in order so I can tackle some of it.

Now it’s time to go exercise and move onto binding work. Exciting day!

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