Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Menu December 30

What’s for Dinner?

I’m going to start listing a dinner menu for the week. I have a schedule (sort of) of meals for each week. It just makes it easier on me (who usually decides on meals) and for my family if they get involved in the planning…which I try to encourage. I would encourage everyone to have at least an idea of what they plan for meals for the week. It takes the stress out of dinner time, plus it allows me to make a grocery list and stick with it. If you’ve never made a menu plan, you might want to give it a try.

Our generic menu for the week looks like this:
Monday – Italian
Tuesday – Breakfast
Wednesday – Mexican
Thursday – Anything Goes (this is usually when I make a crock pot or other big meal, or we have leftovers)
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Fish
Sunday – Soup & Sandwiches

Soup and Sandwiches came about when my husband and daughter were ice skating on Sunday afternoons. During the winter they would come home freezing, just in time for dinner, and soup was a great way to warm them up. Now that they don’t skate on Sunday afternoons, we sometimes have leftovers or whatever we can find. However, we usually still have soup and sandwiches, though in the summer we switch it up to salad and sandwiches. My menu plan is not set in stone…it’s on a dry erasable white board in the kitchen J. So as you’ll see below, I plan my actual menu based on what’s already available in the kitchen, and it can change if last minute plans occur.

For the week of December 30 my daughter will be working over the dinner hour Monday through Thursday so this may change to accommodate that, but this is what we have planned:
Monday – Tortellini with salad and bread
Tuesday – Soup
Wednesday – probably eggs, though we may have waffles or pancakes
Thursday –Super Nachos (I’m making tacos on the previous Sunday, so we’ll have leftover fixings)
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Mexican spaghetti
Sunday – Soup & Sandwiches/leftovers

I know people who also make plans for breakfasts and lunches, that way there is no thinking and staring in the fridge in the morning or for lunch. We usually just grab hot or cold cereal for breakfast and sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. If you want to plan out breakfasts and lunches, then go for it. It will make your life easier!

What do you have planned for dinner for the week?

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