Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Work in Progress

I have been working on the Wonky 9-Patch Halloween quilt blocks for a while now, and haven’t spent much time on it recently. I have mostly been working on some blocks for some charity quilts for our guild this month. So, I took a break from those blocks and yesterday I started putting the Wonky 9-Patch top together.

First, I put all 42 blocks up on the Design Wall and moved things around a bit, then I got the first row stitched together with black 2-1/2-inch strips…

Sorry for the slanted photo – it’s hard taking a photo in cramped spaces!

Here are (most of) the remaining blocks on my Design Wall…

The Design Wall has been moved to the end of my quilting frame, so it’s a bit hard to see it or get a good photo…but you get the idea.

My goal is to have this one completed and shipped off to my daughter by the end of September. I may try to put a second row together today, but I also need to get some quilting done on the Gypsy Wife, so we’ll see what happens. Lots of laundry to do today, along with a few chores, so hopefully I can squeeze in some sewing time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Saturday, August 5, 2017

To the Max

I have been piecing blocks for this Kittens pattern for the 2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge…

I wanted to be sure to include blocks representing the cats that I have had IRL…unlike the green and blue Kittens blocks! So, I was excited that this month’s color is light, creams/neutrals. I’m including white in this color scheme, so I can pay homage to my wonderful white kitty Max Cat…

I got Max Cat back in 1985 when I graduated from college and moved into my own place (please don’t do the math!!) Max had a buddy back then, Alexis…

…and I will make a black Kitten block for her later on.

Max Cat had the sweetest temperament of any cat I’ve had, and he was such a lovey guy. I’m happy I was able to make a block for him…

I know the eyes are a little…off. I colored in the pupil with a gel fabric pen that I use for signing quilts to see how it would look. I have to live with it for a bit, but I may end up fusing a fabric pupil on the eyes.

And he wasn’t always Max Cat. He started out as plain old Max, but then after I was married we took in a sweet Dalmatian when his original owners divorced…

…and his name was Max also, so the kitty quickly became Max Cat.

I now have 17 Kitten blocks for the RSC for 2017…

That’s a pretty good looking litter and I really enjoy making these blocks. They go together fast and it’s instant gratification for me! This will be a busy month, but if I have time I will look through more of my neutral/light scraps and see if I can put together another Kitten or two.

That’s it from here today. I hope you have a great weekend and I will be linking up with Angela for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at So Scrappy. Head over for some wonderful projects.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Goals

A new month…time to make some plans for the sewing room.

For my One Monthly Goal for August, I want to finish up my neutral Gypsy Wife. That means I need to finish the quilting, get the binding attached and hand stitched down, hanging sleeves attached, and hang it on the wall. I have decided to only do “in the ditch” quilting on this. I think any additional quilting will detract from the fabric motifs that were fussy cut for some of the blocks. I also think it will look great just with the ditch quilting. I don’t have a lot of quilting left, but it will probably still take me two or three weeks to complete it. Here is just the top…

I will also continue working on some of my Finish-A-Long projects: Merrily, the Wonky Halloween 9-Patch, and maybe even begin quilting the Vintage Skate. Lots to do, so I better get to it.

I hope you all have lots of fun in August, and stop by Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal August Goal Setting Party.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Good-bye July

School has already started back here for some local cities and counties, and by next week I think all but one local school district will be back in session. The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous, with low humidity and temperatures, so it was a great weekend for the back to school crowd to get out and enjoy beautiful East Tennessee! It’s hard to believe we are having such great weather at the end of July.

Not a lot has been happening around here in the sewing room, as you can see by the lack of posting here at The Pieceful Kingdom. I have been working on the same Gypsy Wife quilt and the crochet sunflower afghan, so nothing too exciting to post. 

Yesterday was a guild Sit & Sew for Ronald McDonald House quilts. We are busy putting together some Bingo card blocks for tomorrow night’s guild meeting, and we are putting the Bingo blocks into quilt tops at our Quilter’s Roadshow in the fall. I made my own Bingo card for the guild meeting tomorrow night…

My job today is to get more 2-1/2” squares together to hand out tomorrow for other guild members to take home and sew into rows.  We still have a few months until we need completed blocks, plus we will have two more Sit & Sew meetings, so we should have lots of blocks to make into quilt tops.

This week I will probably continue quilting the Gypsy Wife. It is just slow going, but I’m plugging along and it will get done. Tomorrow is Tuesday Bee for our guild, so I will work on crochet there. The only other things I might work on this week are making more Kittens for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, once the August color announcement is made.

That’s about it. Quiet, but quiet is good in my book! I hope you have had a great July and are looking forward to August. The best thing about August is that autumn is just around the corner!

Have a wonderful week, and check out Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making. There are some great projects posted there, so take a look!