Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Finishes

I might not have complete finishes today, but I’m getting closer to some finishes, so that should count, shouldn’t it?

The one thing that I completely finished my part on was quilting and attaching the binding to another charity quilt for our guild...

I used this quilt to practice Angela Walters’ FMQ Challenge Quilting Along for this week. That’s only one done for February, but I will have three total to take to guild meeting in a couple of weeks. Others will be able to take them home and hand stitch down the binding.

I also made some progress on “On Ringo Lake.” I finished up all bazillion little units for the sashing…

Then I put about half of them together into the sashing pieces…

I hope to finish up these sashing pieces today, but in the meantime, I have plenty completed that I can start putting them on the blocks and putting the blocks into the quilt top…

This quilt is a 7 by 7 block layout, and I will probably piece the blocks with the sashings, then put the blocks together in quadrants…if that makes sense. I will make them into 3 by 4 and 3 by 3 block sections, then attach the sections to each other. That will only mean I have to sew one long seam to piece it together – rather than sewing seven rows of seven blocks and sewing all those long seams. I try to avoid those long seams whenever possible.

That’s about all the sewing stuff happening here. I have opted out of the Project Quilting Challenge this week, and I probably won’t do any more of them this year…too much to do around here without adding to my list.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I will be joining Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get a Whoop! Whoop! I hope you stop by her place to see all of the great finishes from this week.

Monday, February 19, 2018

More Monday Musings

We had a rainy weekend, and a dip in the temperatures again, but this week should be mostly in the 70s. Yes, the 70s! But, I’m sure we will have at least one more cold snap and maybe snow before the spring comes to stay.

Speaking of temperatures, I completed another week of the Temperature Afghan…

Each round now represents one week’s temperatures. Since we should hit the 70s this week, I will be adding some yellow to the mix. Woo-hoo! I really have no clue what this will look like when it’s done, but it should be fun.

I also finished another crochet project, the Granny Triangle Shawl…

This is done in Premier Yarn's Cappuccino Pop. I still need to weave in the ends and I will probably add some fringe. This was another fun one, and fast too.

I was also able to finish up the 49 blocks I need for “On Ringo Lake.” Here are some of them on the design wall…

It’s good to have those done. I now need to pull out the sashing pieces I had worked on and get those finished. Then I will be able to put the rows together on this top. That’s my plan for this week.

Another project I will continue working on is cutting and sewing my light blue scraps to go into the 9-patches. I now have the center rows sewn for 43 more 9-patch blocks…

While it was raining on Saturday, I decided to hang out in the sewing room and I fused two more blocks for the Halloweenies BOM. I am years behind on this BOM, so I will probably try to get through this fusing part as quickly as possible. Of the remaining blocks, I think only one is fussy, so I hope to finish these all up some time in March.

Here is Sugar High…

And Scaredy Cat…


Also, this week begins Angela Walter’s Free-Motion Quilting Challenge Quilting Along. I have my quilt ready to go, so I’m ready to start practicing.

That’s all that’s been going on in the sewing room here. I hope to spend some more time there this week. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Finishes and Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I have some finishes this week!

I made both of the purple pups for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge…

I think it will be hard to make one of these blocks that doesn’t turn out cute. I guess that’s why the pattern is called Dog Gone Cute!

I have also been working on the blocks for “On Ringo Lake” this week. I have 38 blocks completed and I have enough units left to make 11 more. I actually was supposed to make 12 more, but some how I mis-counted and I don’t have enough corner units for that last block. That’s OK; it will all work out fine because I plan to set these in straight rows (instead of on point) and I want either 48 (6 by 8 blocks) or 49 (7 by 7 blocks) blocks total. That 50th block won’t be needed. I will determine the final setting when I get the sashing done. I hope to be able to complete these last 11 blocks today. Here are some of my blocks (without sashing) on the design wall…

Finishing this top is my One Monthly Goal for February, and it is already more than halfway through the month. I am not sure if I will get it done, but I will do my best. The sashing pieces were started a long time ago, so I will have to pull that section out and get reacquainted with it. There is still a chance that I can complete this top in February. It was also my OMG for January, so I’m ready to be done with it so I can focus on another project.

The final thing I have finished is getting a charity quilt loaded onto the long arm frame.

Next week Angela Walters will be starting a Free-Motion Quilting Challenge Quilting Along and I would like to practice more with the long arm. I can do a mean stipple with it, and I can do swirls and loops like nobody’s business; but I’m sorely lacking at more detailed or precision quilting skills on it. I’m hoping I can improve over the next few months and get some charity quilts completed at the same time. Win-win!

That’s about it for now. I’m off to exercise, do a bit of sewing, and keep the dog company. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Tales

Sooo…I spent a little time yesterday and today doing some sewing.

I finished up my large purple pup for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for February…

I have the pattern on regular sized printer paper there next to it for some perspective on how big this block is. I think they would make fun placemats for kids (or grown-ups who are dog fans!) I still hope to get the small dog block completed before the weekend. I will probably have some time near the end of the week to work on it.

I also worked a bit more on “On Ringo Lake” and was able to piece the rows together for 11 more blocks. I have 13 blocks put together so far - the 11 in this design wall photo, plus two more that are still in the sewing room…

I was working on green and neutral Half-square Triangle squares for the Blue Skies quilt as a leader/ender project with “On Ringo Lake.” I ended up finishing all that I had cut so far- 47 HSTs…

I think I will put this project away until the green month for the RSC, then focus on getting those green scraps ready to sew into more blocks for Blue Skies.

Since those were done, I started stitching some 1-1/2-inch squares together for a leader/ender project to make more of these little blue 9-patches…

While I wasn’t feeling well Saturday, I sat and did a little hand stitching on my Tuxedo’s Tales BOM. This is the March block so far…

Those button eyes make him look a bit surprised. Maybe it's the beehive on his head! 

I will probably take this with me tomorrow to guild bee and hopefully make some more progress.

Lastly, I am up-to-date with my Temperature Afghan…

These are the temperatures up through yesterday. Each round is one week, so I will work on this again next Sunday or Monday. I think this week is supposed to range from the 40s (today) to up into the 70s later in the week. We’ve not hit the 70s yet this year, so I will finally get to pull out the yellow yarn to add a bit of pop to this project!

I think that’s about it from here. I have a busy week ahead, so I better get moving. Have a wonderful week!

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